I was having a discussion with my wife on possible blog topics this week.  Out of the blue, my first-grade daughter said, “Let’s write ‘introverts are wonderful.'”  This was funny because she doesn’t really know what an introvert is (she is probably an extrovert) and she doesn’t actually understand what blogging is, either.  She just knows she doesn’t like it when I blog because she is not getting enough attention.  She also mentioned that she would blog about more exciting topics such as fashion and ice cream instead.

This conversation demonstrates that our kids really are paying attention, even when we don’t think they are.  So, the things that we are saying and the messages we are sending to our kids are important.  I grew up not fully understanding my gifts and strengths, and not understanding that everyone has different strengths.  Part of my reason for doing this blog and this work is so that my children will grow up better adjusted and better able to understand the unique and wonderful gifts they have to offer.  After all, introverts are wonderful, and of course extroverts are too.

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