I recently wrote about taking Marcus Buckingham’s assessment from his book, StandOut. In the results, this particular paragraph stood out to me, as it describes me well:

“You are a thoughtful person, someone who needs time alone to mull and muse–without this alone time, events pile up on you, haphazardly, and your confusion starts to overwhelm you.  So you look forward to time by yourself–early in the morning, late at night, long walks–and you use this time to get clear.”

As introverts, we think, and we think a lot.  We need time to ourselves to “mull and muse.” I’ve learned quite a bit about managing my time and energy to be more efficient over the years, but sometimes find it challenging to make time to myself to get clear, while balancing all of my other responsibilities. However, I like how Buckingham laid out the consequences of not taking the time we need.  Not only do we do our best work when we have some time here and there to think, but as introverts, if we don’t, “events pile up” and “confusion starts to overwhelm” us.  I have experienced being overwhelmed as I always have more to do than I have time for.  I need to take these consequences seriously as I want to be successful.  Not only must I figure out how to continually improve myself, but I also must make sure those around me also have the time they need to get clear.

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