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I want to continue on with a previous post, Remembering and Using Names. According to Philip Guo How to Remember People’s Names (and Deal with Unusual Names):

“Accurately remembering names is one of the simplest yet most important components of interacting with people, no matter in what capacity. A person’s own name is the single most important word to him/her; it is intimately tied to his/her identity as an individual.”

As human beings we like to hear the sound of our own names. I notice that others seem to respond more favorably when you do use their names.

Just the other day someone passed me in the hall and said hello and called me by name.  I have only had brief interactions with this person, so it was nice to know that they knew who I was.  When speaking with a new client either in person or by phone, I make sure right in the beginning I give them my name and I know and use theirs. This seems to make the interaction go far better. It is a way to let them know I care for them as an individual. I am careful not to overuse their name because this can be annoying.

Guo in the article above has many great tips. I think one of the most important ideas is to remember the person’s name from the start. As soon as the other person introduces themselves, start repeating their name for a few seconds in your mind. And then introduce yourself, and use their name in your introduction: “Hi Bob, my name is John.”

We were in an appliance store and were being helped by Alan. He seemed knowledgeable and nice enough, so we wanted him to continue helping us. As soon as he walked away, I could not think of his name. Was it Kevin? Now we had to go say “hey you” or “can you get that guy over there?” I should have repeated his name and introduced myself and then gone over his name over a few times in my head to remember.

Introverts often prefer a tight knit circle of friends, but may want or need a much larger network of people. Remembering names is a good way to get the relationship off to a good start and maintain that relationship.

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