I was doing some surfing around the internet this weekend looking for some inspiration on topics to write about.  For some reason I wasn’t finding anything inspiring, but more of one-size-fits-all advice for introverts.

With about half the population falling into the introvert category, it seems so strange to try to lump everyone together.  I do think there is some common ground and I thought I would take the time to restate my opinion (also see my Introduction).

Sometimes I feel like people – both extroverts and introverts – see “introverts” as feeble or weak, and give a lot of advice on protecting themselves, rather than understanding what is unique or great about themselves as an individual.

I have come to understand that being introverted or extroverted is like being right or left handed.  You don’t choose it.  Just as you cannot change how much time you naturally focus on the outer world around you or your inner world of thoughts and ideas, but you can understand how your learning preferences and personality styles work, and in doing this, how to embrace your strengths.

This was the great epiphany for me.  I think!  I think a lot and I usually think before I speak.  The amount of time I spend thinking is not going to change for me, nor do I really want to change this.  But understanding this about myself really takes some limits away.  I know who I am and I have changed and will continue to change things about myself as I wish to.

None of us are exactly alike.  I do think that introverts are thinkers at the core and there comes great strength from this.  I also am aware of issues that can arise if introversion is not properly understood.  I have gained much strength through a proper understanding of introversion.

“Quiet” may not be the right word in my title, maybe thoughtful or something else would be better.  I am often no longer quiet.  Thoughtful and strong!  Somehow quiet and strong sounds better.  Either way, take your natural gifts, understand them, nurture them and BE STRONG!

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