Introverts are not all alike.  We may all spend more time thinking, but we think about different things and feel differently about those things we think about. I know I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about the things I read and research online, although I rarely comment. So I’m curious… In general, are introverts more or less likely to comment on blogs?

For example, I know the things I share here may not help all introverts equally.  I am trying to gain different perspectives by talking to other introverts and reading stories and research about introversion.  I’d love to see more comments from blog readers, as a way to continue to gather many perspectives. But, as I have a very specific audience, I wonder if introverts are less likely to comment?

I think as introverts, we often prefer to communicate in writing.  However, I also know we like to think before communicating. Often I have had a comment to make on someone’s blog, but I wanted to think it over a bit first.  If I am going to make a comment, I want it to be well thought out.  Unfortunately, if I do not comment in the moment, I probably will forget to go back and make the comment later.

My introverted wife has a joke that she comments on blogs often, but only in her mind.  As an introvert, she is more private and likes to keep her thoughts to herself. And she certainly doesn’t want Google or Facebook to post her comment everywhere for all her friends to see.  Also, she does not really want to create an ongoing conversation (especially if it is controversial) that she may need to continue responding to.  As introverts, there are probably many reasons we don’t comment, but I’m sure there are also a number of introverts who have made wonderful connections in an online community through blogs and social media. Which type of online introvert are you?

As I become more involved in the online community, I can’t help but wonder about the best way to connect with other introverts.  As for myself, I haven’t been a big commenter in the past. But I am working on getting my voice and opinions out there more in hopes of helping others, so I’m trying to carve out more time to think about, and then actually post comments on blogs beyond my own. Happy commenting!

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