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I am still on vacation and spent ten hours today at an indoor amusement park with my kids – video games, go-karts, bumper cars, mini roller coasters, etc. There were a lot people there since many schools are out this week.  The kids had a great time and they were not tired until the place was closing. I had a great time too. It started me thinking about the various things I have been reading about introverts and the need for recharge.  Everyone is different, but I am really learning about myself and what I need as I study introversion.  Today, I had a great time the entire day and did not feel the need to be “alone.”  I was with my favorite people in the world – my kids.  So for me, neither the crowd of people nor lots of noise and other things going on triggered the need for alone time to recharge today.  But here is what I think triggers the recharge need for me:

  • When I am trying to think and because of interruptions or too many things happening, I can’t.  Today I was just trying to have a good time and not really worried or thinking about anything else.
  • Strained conversation with strangers or those I don’t relate to very well.  Again, I was with my kids and we just had a blast.
  • Being “on stage” for extended periods of time.  For me, some examples of this would be running meetings, attending meetings, giving presentations, or conducting training.  Today, I was not on stage in any way.  My only goal was for me and my kids to have fun.

If I do have a day packed too tightly with things that cause me to need a recharge with no recharge time built in, I am in trouble. I get stressed.  I won’t be too happy and probably not too productive either.  I’m sure there are some introverts out there that could have experienced a similar day as I did today with the crowds and activity and would definitely need the alone time to recharge after.  Introverts are all different and experience the world differently. The important thing is to know yourself and what you need.  I think too many people try to put introverts neatly into a box, but this does not work.  You need to understand how you best operate and plan for it as much as you can, so you can be your best, most productive, and happy self.

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