I have a YouTube video playing in the background as I am sitting here at my computer.  It is on overcoming fear, an ongoing goal of mine.  I have overcome many fears in the past few years and I am making progress toward overcoming others.

The video I’m watching is a compilation of great speeches and movie lines and movie clips.  There is one scene where a young guy is standing on the edge of a skyscraper appearing to be facing his fear.  This is not the type of fearlessness I am talking about, for me anyway.  I am not looking to walk on hot coals, bullfight, or base jump.  I am looking at embracing all of my natural introverted gifts. providing for and enjoying the best with my family, and standing out and making a positive impact on the world. What are your dreams?

“Being fearless means seeing through the illusion of fear and understanding that fear is a result of a thought and realizing that you have the power to question your thoughts and create whatever you want in life… It’s just a MindShift away.” —Steve Chandler

Fear exists in our minds, and we can change our minds.  We just need to change the messages we are sending to our minds.  I spent a good share of my life not fully using my talents.  I would have fears like “what if people do not like me or what I am doing?” or “I am not good enough and others are better.”  I have since challenged these fears and negative thoughts and am far happier and successful than ever before.  Here are a few things that I have done:

  • Find positive people to share my dreams with.
  • Read inspiring books and blogs of successful people.
  • Listen to positive podcasts and YouTube videos.
  • Challenge negative thoughts as they come into my head.  Is this really something to be afraid of?  What is the worst that could happen or the reverse of what is the best that could happen?

I think that many people are falling far short of their potential as they give into their fears.  Challenge your fears, change your thoughts, and live your dreams.

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