Image courtesy of Rossi
Image courtesy of Rossi


Sometimes, when I’m working on ideas for blog articles, I find myself experiencing a bit of writer’s block.  As an introvert, I think and I think a lot.  But it’s not always easy to put all of my thoughts into words.  Writing this blog and and the preparation involved has been an excellent way to formulate words about those things I have discovered about introversion and my strengths.  As an introvert, I need time to process and put together the many thoughts I have.  It’s also important to read the words of others and take time to reflect on them – especially in terms of my own experience.  I find that when I get busy and don’t take this time to reflect, I have harder time putting these thoughts into words.

I came across a great article on the importance of writing as an introvert.  In 4 Reasons Why Introverts Thrive From Writing, Aysha Tayab says,

“Whenever I’m reading or writing for some time, I notice shortly afterwards that I am more articulate. It could be because my prolonged engagement with written text sparks the ability to speak with more confidence and even inspiration on clearly communicating my ideas.  Going back to the idea that introverts examine an idea from every angle before verbalizing it, the act of writing facilitates the process of actually processing these ideas.”

The original idea behind my blog was to help others with the things I have learned about introversion.  As I continue to write, I have discovered the great power of writing in being able to communicate the millions of thoughts in my head to others and better understand myself in the process.  As writer’s block comes I need to remember to give my introverted self time to reflect on my own thoughts and well as the writings of others.  If you are an introvert with many thoughts that seem difficult to articulate, remember that writing can be a very powerful way to put those thoughts into words.

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