Image courtesy of Uffe Nielsen/
Image courtesy of Uffe Nielsen/

I highly recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD).  While the book was not specifically written for introverts,  I found it very helpful as I try to accomplish many things each day.  According to Allen, it’s important to get our minds clear by regularly capturing those things we need to get done and make a plan.  As an introvert, I spend a lot of time thinking, so it’s so much better when my mind is clear instead of racing from one thing to the next.

One of the parts of GTD is having a weekly review.  Allen says the weekly review consists of: 

  • Gather and process of all your “stuff.”
  • Review your system.
  • Update your lists.
  • Get clean, clear, current, and complete.

I have a standing appointment with myself at the end of each week where I review what I was able to accomplish and what needs to happen the next week. 

As part of this process I look at the upcoming meetings I have.  Do I have the agenda? Is there any information I need to look at ahead of time?  What questions do I have now?  What points do I want to make? I have learned that, as an introvert, my strength is thinking deeply and thoroughly, but not usually on the spot.  I know I am not going to do as well if I am not prepared.  Of course, I have learned this the hard way.  I’ve also learned not to compare myself to others that might be good at “winging it,” as that is not my strength.

As an introvert, preparation to me is one of the keys to my success.  I highly recommend scheduling time for your weekly review with yourself to organize those things that need to get done and the meetings that will be taking place. 

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