I was feeling overwhelmed on a particularly dark and cloudy day.  Even though it was late in the morning, it almost appeared to be dark outside.  It was very depressing as I was feeling the same way on the inside.  There was so much going on in my life and these dark clouds just added to my overwhelm.  As I was feeling this darkness inside, I looked out the window and in the middle of the dark clouds, I saw a little patch of blue.  It was so beautiful.  I sat and watched the clouds for a few minutes and as I watched, the sky became more and more blue, and soon there was a nice blue sky with just a few white clouds here and there.  And it stayed this way for the rest of the day. 

What a great reminder that even when things are looking dark, there could be a patch of blue coming your way.  Is there something you can do to change your situation?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, are your thoughts bringing your more sadness?  Can you change your thoughts?  What can you control and what must you accept as outside the realm of your control?  Spend your time focusing on what you can control.  In my particular case, I figured out what the most important things were that I could do to improve my situation and I worked on those. 

Things did get better for me that week.  I was able to get my responsibilities and tasks under control by focusing on what was most important. I need to remind myself daily to focus on the important as I will never get everything done.  Of course, I still have challenges, but I’m not feeling so buried with work at the moment.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, challenge the thoughts you are having and focus on the important things you can do.  The skies will clear up. Keep your eye on that little patch of blue!

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