In a meeting with someone the other day, I thought I was carrying on my share of the conversation.  There was much back and forth discussion.  As we were finishing up our meeting, the person said to me that I was a man of few words. I was taken back at first as it felt like an insult. I was talking plenty, what was he talking about? But instead, I choose to take this as a compliment. I am a thinker and a deep thinker at that.  I have many constant thoughts and my mind is always putting them together.  It is a gift to think before speaking and put all your thoughts together in a succinct manner, not wasting words.

Yes, I am a man of few words compared to an extroverted friend… but I have so many thoughts. I naturally think before speaking and my extroverted friend speaks in order to think.  There is not a good and bad or right and wrong.  Everyone has a very natural way of being and everyone has a unique set of gifts.  For example, one of my introverted gifts is that I am able to see the big picture clearly in my mind. I am also reflective, creative, and analytical. I am proud of my natural abilities, and you should be proud of yours. 

If you are a man or woman of few words, be proud!  If you encounter a man or woman of few words, listen!  The words they express are likely to be their best pieces of wisdom.  They are only sharing what they feel are their best thoughts.  Never assume that because someone is not speaking continuously, that they are not engaged. Just listen and give them a chance to speak.

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