Even before the first World Introvert Day in 2011, introverts have fought to have a voice in a loud, loud world. Seven years later in 2018, introverts are still so often misunderstood. The world, both extroverts and introverts, too often equate the word “introversion” with negative terms and may even make us question our own self-worth, because our gifts may be different. We may be called shyreserved, withdrawn, reticent, diffident, unconfident, unassertive, timid, hesitant, insecure, self-doubting, doubtful, uncertain, unsure, or self-conscious to name a few.  And because of this, many shy away (pun intended) from claiming the title of introvert, and miss out on understanding and embracing all the wonderful traits that come with it.

We can change that!

Let’s rewrite what the word “introversion” represents: thinking or feeling deeply, incredible analytical skills, our ability to see the big picture or focus on the smallest details, to create, to design, to calculate. and so much more. We write, we perform, we lead! While our way of doing things might be a little different than the extroverts we know. We need to use our own gifts and do things in our own introverted way. We must recognize and care for our needs, which are different than the needs of extroverts.  But just because we are different, we are never less than, or inferior.  We have unique strengths, that when nurtured, cultivated, and encouraged, will help us accomplish greatness.

So on this day, and every day from now on, let’s celebrate introversion, in ourselves and in others. At work, learn to share your voice and be heard, and understand your own strengths and gifts.

If you are a leader, look for the gifts of your introverted employees and provide an environment that will help them flourish. You can even provide opportunities to introverts when hiring.

At home, take time to understand the varying needs and gifts of all members of your family, both your little introverts and extroverts, and help them embrace what makes them special.

Enjoy your day.  Lock yourself away with a book or Netflix or however you would like to celebrate as you care for your introverted needs and celebrate with introverts around the world… Then, recharged, refreshed, and ready, show the world your strength!

And P.S., if you need a little help with your time management skills as an introvert, check out my new book, Minding Your Time: Time Management, Productivity, and Success, Especially for Introverts.  You can learn more at MindingYourTime.com.


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