Recently I took some vacation time but had a few things to take care of that couldn’t wait. I spent a few hours at home on my first day of vacation tying up the loose ends.  I had some peace and quiet at home and was able to get an incredible amount of work done in a short amount of time… And it felt great! I rarely have peace and quiet at work and so when I have an experience like this I wonder why it’s so hard to get a little quiet time at work to focus?   If you are more productive with some quiet, shouldn’t you find this time at work? Wouldn’t your employer or those you work with also want you to have this quiet and productive time?  Could you use more quiet time in your personal life? I have been working towards finding more quiet time at home and at work, but it’s not easy. For some reason, there seems to be a taboo against having quiet time.  Because, shouldn’t you be available to everyone all the time?  With this approach comes many interruptions.  Interruptions can make it difficult to think and be productive with all of the starting at stopping and trying to remember where you left off.

I don’t need or want quiet all day long, but some quiet stretches here and there help me move some projects forward and accomplish more.  Do you know how much time alone do you need each day and for what purpose?  How do you spend this time?  Do those at home or at work support you in the time that you need?

Introverts naturally turn inward more often than not and need some alone time for a variety of reasons.  Not only do I find some solitude helpful in getting things done, but I also need some quiet time for other reasons.

  • I often need  to recharge after activities or situations that drain me. Do you know what types of activities drain you?
  • I do some of my best planning with some quiet.  What plans do you have for your day, your week, or year?
  • As an introvert preparation is key.  What interactions, meetings, presentations are coming up?
  • I need time to think.  What problems do you need to solve?  What visions for the future do you have?
  • Sometimes it is relaxing and fun to spend some time alone.  What activities do you enjoy?  And remember, you know best what you like.

Not only is the quiet essential, but without some quiet, I lose my peace, I may not be able to concentrate, and may be a bit irritable.  What do you need to do to get some more quiet time?

I now understand that some solitude for me isn’t something that’s “nice” to have, but a true need for most introverts.  I need to help other people understand this need, but should not apologize for it. It is very natural for introverts to need quiet time and by honoring this natural need, I am able to perform better, feel better, and get more done each day.

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