Welcome to the Quiet and Strong Podcast, especially for introverts, hosted by David Hall, strengths & personality expert, author of Minding Your Time, and creator of quietandstrong.com.  The Quiet and Strong Podcast will be a weekly podcast dedicated to understanding the strengths and needs of introverts. 

Our personalities come to us quite naturally and the key is not to change ourselves but rather to get to know ourselves and embrace those great individual gifts that we each have.  Introversion has long been misunderstood and when you come to understand your introverted gifts you can apply this to relationships, communications, leadership, and productivity, and overall success and happiness. For far too long I tried to be something that I wasn’t and now that I am embracing my introversion and who I am I have found more happiness, effectiveness, and energy than ever before,  This show is geared towards introverts, but extroverts are always welcome and can benefit by coming to a better understanding of the introverts in their lives.  I look forward to further connecting with you.  Get to know your introverted strengths and needs and be strong!

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