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Month: October 2023

Episode 145 of the quiet and strong podcast focuses on the power of auto-drafting.

Ep 145 – Embracing Your Quiet: The Strengths of Introversion

Are you tired of feeling like being quiet is a negative trait?   In this episode, David dives
Understanding how introverts prefer to be appreciated beyond the spotlight.

Ep 144 – Beyond the Spotlight: How Introverts Prefer to Be Appreciated and Recognized

Do you like the spotlight? Have you ever wondered how introverts prefer to be recognized? Do they shy
Authentic confidence in the workplace - the quiet and strong podcast for introverts seeking workplace confidence.

Ep 143 – Authentic Confidence For Introverts In The Workplace with Sam Sheppard

Are you an introvert struggling to find your place in the workplace? Do you often feel overlooked or
The thriving introvert's guide to marketing in the world.

Ep 142 – The Introvert’s Guide to Thriving in the Marketing World with Jenny Procter

Are you an introvert trying to navigate the world of marketing? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by
Episode 141 explores the power of free change for introverts, focusing on preparing for success.

Ep 141 – Preparing for Success: The Power of Pre-Charge for Introverts

Listen Now Show Notes Are you an introvert who sometimes feels overwhelmed before important events or presentations? In