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Happy holidays! I’m taking this week off to enjoy the holidays with my family and relax and recharge. Hope you find the time to celebrate the holidays in the way that you want, whether that be time spent with family and friends, relaxing and recharging, having a big adventure, or all of the above? We had some great guests on the Quiet and Strong podcast in 2023, and are looking forward to more in 2024. As always, let me know those topics that you wanna hear more about or guests you’d like to hear from.  Also, remember to celebrate your introversion and the great gifts it brings on World Introvert Day on January 2nd. I’m so happy you’re on this journey with me of embracing your introversion with your great strengths while honoring your needs And finding strategies for success that work best for you, finding your voice, and getting everything you want out of life. Hopefully, 2023 was a great year for you, and I’m wishing you all the best in 2024. As always, get to know your introverted strengths.

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