From Shy Girl to Networking Expert: Ep 93.

Ep 93 – From Shy Girl to Networking Expert with guest Melitta Campbell

Most introverts hate networking. It’s awkward, it’s forced, and it often feels like a waste of time. But what if networking could be fun and effective?

In this episode, David discusses networking with Melitta Campbell, a shy girl who used to hate networking. Through her journey, you’ll discover how she overcame her fears and became a networking expert. By the end of the episode, you’ll learn to network on your own terms and in your own introverted way, and you’ll be ready to take on the world (or at least your next networking event).

The quiet and strong Ep 78 podcast episode with Matthew Paull.

Ep 78 – The Introvert’s Edge to Sales and Networking with Matthew Pollard

Are you an introvert struggling to find success in sales or networking? 

In this episode, guest Matthew Pollard, the “Rapid Growth Guy,” will teach you how to use your introverted strengths to your advantage and get more out of networking and sales. He provides a roadmap for introverts to maximize their strengths and use them to their advantage in sales and networking situations.  

Listen as David and Matthew break through the myths that introverts are shy or lack social skills. You’ll learn how to make the most of your natural strengths and get more out of interactions with potential clients and partners. 

Listen now to learn how to unleash your inner power and achieve success in business!

Introverts network at their own pace and in their preferred introverted style, redefining traditional networking.

Networking, Introverted Style

  I attended a conference for work this past week.  I was looking forward to the speakers and presentations and perhaps seeing some old friends.  I hung out a little with an extroverted friend of mine and realized some important differences.  She was there to connect with many people, both old friends and new.  I […]

Quiet and Strong Podcast episode 161 - Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity with host David Hall

Ep 161 – Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity, Especially for Introverts

Are you struggling to find ways to increase your productivity as an introvert in a world designed for extroverts?

In this episode of the Quiet, Strong Podcast, host David Hall shares how to Leverage Your Introversion with 7 Vital Needs for Productivity, just for Introverts.

Listen in to learn about the specific needs and strengths of introverts, gaining insights into time management, productivity, and success.

David explores the importance of recharge, recreation, thinking time, planning, focus, preparation, and dreaming, providing practical strategies for introverts to thrive. Tune in to discover unique approaches to productivity that cater to introverted strengths, understand the power of deep thinking, and embrace a life designed around your introverted needs.

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Ep 160 – Amplify Your Introvert Strengths for the Workplace with Stacey Chazin

Have you ever felt like your introversion is a barrier to your success, especially in settings that seem to cater to extroverts?

Today’s episode of the  Quiet and Strong podcast delves into the challenges and strengths of being an introvert in a world seemingly designed for those who thrive in a loud world while remaining true to themselves. Join host David Hall and leadership development coach Stacey Chazin as they dispel myths about introversion and provide practical strategies for success.

Learn how a Myers Briggs assessment can improve self-understanding, why appreciating introverted qualities can boost your professional life, and gain insights into effective goal setting that matches your reflective nature. This episode is a valuable guide for owning your introverted strengths and thriving in your personal and professional journey.

Tune in to unlock the full discussion and gather tools to confidently navigate conferences, leverage your thoughtful decision-making, and fully embrace your unique gifts. And be strong.