Love the Quiet & Strong website?  Get even more in-depth strategies with my new ebook, Minding Your Time – Time Management, Productivity, and Success, Especially for Introverts, available as an e-book or paperback (and FREE through Kindle Unlimited).

Minding Your Time offers unique and helpful insights for introverts in their pursuit to prioritize and avoid overwhelm. I personally found refreshing actionable suggestions within its pages.”

– Brenda Knowles, author of The Quiet Rise of Introverts: 8 Practices for Living and Loving in a Noisy World and creator of

“I highly recommend this book if you’re an introvert who struggles with focus and getting things done. If you feel blasted with everyone else’s priorities, you’ll find great tips and insights here. It’s a quick read too – so you don’t have to wait until next year to start making productive changes!”

– Liesel Teversham, Author of “NO problem. The Upside of Saying No.” and

Are you an introvert who has a hard time getting things done? Do you find yourself easily distracted, anxious, out of energy, or just lost in thought? Learn how to Mind Your Time from introvert expert and Quiet and Strong blogger, David Hall.

There are many books on time management, but most of these don’t address the unique characteristics of introverts.  Whether one is introverted or extroverted is a significant part of one’s personality, so it’s crucial to be aware of your own unique strengths and needs when choosing and implementing strategies for time management and success.”Minding Your Time: Time Management, Productivity, and Success, Especially for Introverts” is more than just another time management book. 

This concise book guides you through the process of identifying your own individual strengths as an introvert, as well as understanding your needs (such as the need for recharge, the need to plan and prepare, and quiet time to think and process) and gives you steps and strategies to help you maximize your workflow to become more efficient, effective, and energetic.

Also included with the book is a free downloadable PDF Workbook that takes you through each action step in the book to help you actively make the changes that will help you improve your productivity as you learn to mind your time.It is also important to appreciate the strengths and needs of those we love and associate with.  Everyone’s gifts need to be understood and celebrated.  

The best approach to life and success is understanding the gifts you bring to the world.I hope you enjoy my new book and find great success with Minding Your Time.