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Category: Goal Setting

Promotional image for episode 176 of "The Quiet and Strong Podcast" titled "Success Happens With A Plan," featuring host David Hall, especially for introverts.

Ep 176 – Success Happens With A Plan

Join David Hall on the Quiet and Strong Podcast, ep 176. Discover how introverts can celebrate their strengths,
Promotional graphic for "the quiet and strong podcast, episode 166" featuring a discussion on storytelling for self-discovery and empowerment with guest olena mytruk.

Ep 166 – Storytelling for Self-Discovery and Empowerment with Olena Mytruk

Have you ever considered the power of storytelling as a gateway to self-awareness and empowerment? Join us on
Podcast Episode 162 Overcoming Obstacles and Chasing Your Fears with guest Nick Klingonsmith

Ep 163 – Overcoming Obstacles and Chasing Your Fear with guest Nick Klingensmith

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear? In this inspiring episode, host David Hall sits down with introvert,
Quiet and Strong Podcast episode 161 - Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity with host David Hall

Ep 161 – Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity, Especially for Introverts

Are you struggling to find ways to increase your productivity as an introvert in a world designed for
Auto Draft: A woman with curly hair and a scarf smiling.

Ep 160 – Amplify Your Introvert Strengths for the Workplace with Stacey Chazin

Have you ever felt like your introversion is a barrier to your success, especially in settings that seem
A telecommuting woman holds up a tablet displaying a speech bubble indicating no new emails.

Telecommuting & Emails

I have always received a plethora of emails and find that it can be a challenge to keep
Focus on what is important.

Focus on the Important

As this year winds down, I find myself thinking what still has to be done before this year
Happy New Year! Remember your unique gifts, strengths, and needs as you set your amazing goals for this year.

Happy New Year!

Ringing in the new year gives us a chance to reflect on who we are, re-evaluate where we