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Category: Strengths

Quiet and Strong Podcast episode 161 - Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity with host David Hall

Ep 161 – Leveraging Your Introversion: 7 Vital Needs for Productivity, Especially for Introverts

Are you struggling to find ways to increase your productivity as an introvert in a world designed for
Superpowers for introverts through the art of rewriting their story.

Ep 159 – Superpowers and Rewriting Your Story, Especially for Introverts with D Grant Smith

What is your story? What are your superpowers? Do you need to rewrite your story according to your
Embrace your authentic self with the Auto-Draft for introverts.

Ep 154 – You are OK Just As You Are: Embracing Your Authentic Self, Especially for Introverts

Are you struggling to embrace your introverted nature? In this episode of The Quiet and Strong Podcast, host
The quiet strength of leadership embracing sensitivity, exemplified by Nina Khoo.

Ep 152 – The Quiet Strength of Leadership: Embracing Sensitivity with Nina Khoo

Have you ever wondered about the unique strengths of highly sensitive persons, or how sensitivity, empathy, and intuition
Episode 145 of the quiet and strong podcast focuses on the power of auto-drafting.

Ep 145 – Embracing Your Quiet: The Strengths of Introversion

Are you tired of feeling like being quiet is a negative trait?   In this episode, David dives
A man and a woman embracing your interaction, having a conversation with David Hall on introversion, in episode 135.

Ep 135 – Embracing Your Introversion: A Conversation With David Hall

Are you an introvert searching for ways to embrace your unique strengths and navigate the world as a
Ep 134 - Introverts, Succeed.

Ep 134 – 10 Ways Introverts Succeed at Work

Are you an introvert navigating the world of work? Do you often wonder how to leverage your unique
Ep 94 - The Superpowers of Introverts with Jill Chang: Quiet and strong.

Ep 94 – The Superpowers of Introverts with Jill Chang

Have you ever seen movies with superheroes who, at the start of their journey, wonder why they feel
Stop wearing the mask of what you think you are supposed to be. Use your strengths and be true to yourself. Let the real you show through.

Ep 92 – Take Off The Disguise and Be Authentically YOU!

We all wear masks. We put them on to protect ourselves, to keep our true selves hidden away.
The strong and quiet podcast episode explores introvert, ambivert, and extrovert identities beyond the labels.

Ep 91 – Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert – Beyond the Labels

Have you ever wondered whether it matters if you're an Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert, and how knowing the