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Category: Mindfulness and Thoughts

A podcast cover for Episode 179 of "The Quiet and Strong Podcast." Topic: Empowering Introverts. Guest: Eilis Wasserman. Subtext: Especially for Introverts. A woman smiles against a green background.

Ep 179 – Empowering Introverts: Self-Advocacy and Unique Strengths guest Eilis Wasserman

Join Eilis Wasserman and David Hall as they discuss the unique strengths of introverts, debunk myths, and share
A podcast cover for "The Quiet and Strong Podcast," Episode 178 titled “Self-Aware Leadership: Knowing Self, Knowing Others” featuring guest Dr. Nia Thomas.

Ep 178 – Self-Aware Leadership With Dr. Nia Thomas

Join David Hall and Nia Thomas on The Quiet And Strong Podcast as they discuss self-aware leadership, the
Promotional image for "The Quiet and Strong Podcast, Episode 172" featuring guest Kate Hunter on an abundance mindset theme for introverts, with a smiling woman in a green background.

Ep 172 – Activating An Abundance Mindset, Especially for Introverts with Kate Hunter

In this inspiring episode, host David Hall welcomes Kate Hunter, an Executive Mindset & Success coach to share
Episode 167 of The Quiet and Strong Podcast featuring guest Peter Vogt discussing 'Overcoming Introvert Shame.'

Ep 167 – Overcoming Introvert Shame with Peter Vogt

Do you ever feel like you're running against the wind as an introvert? This episode of The Quiet
Promotional graphic for "the quiet and strong podcast, episode 166" featuring a discussion on storytelling for self-discovery and empowerment with guest olena mytruk.

Ep 166 – Storytelling for Self-Discovery and Empowerment with Olena Mytruk

Have you ever considered the power of storytelling as a gateway to self-awareness and empowerment? Join us on
Podcast Episode 162 Overcoming Obstacles and Chasing Your Fears with guest Nick Klingonsmith

Ep 163 – Overcoming Obstacles and Chasing Your Fear with guest Nick Klingensmith

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear? In this inspiring episode, host David Hall sits down with introvert,
The quiet and strong podcast episode 155 cultivating self awareness and confidence for entrepreneurs.

Ep 155 – Cultivating Self-Awareness and Confidence, Especially For Introverts with Richie Kyriacou

Are you ready to unlock your potential through the power of self-awareness and confidence? In this episode of
The quiet strength of leadership embracing sensitivity, exemplified by Nina Khoo.

Ep 152 – The Quiet Strength of Leadership: Embracing Sensitivity with Nina Khoo

Have you ever wondered about the unique strengths of highly sensitive persons, or how sensitivity, empathy, and intuition
A promotional graphic for "The Quiet and Strong Podcast," episode 82 featuring Dr. Mitch Abblett, discussing mindfulness and prizing. It includes a photo of Dr. Abblett against a green background.

Ep 82 – Mindfulness and Prizing with Dr. Mitch Abblett

Join David Hall and Dr. Mitch Abblett on The Quiet And Strong Podcast as they explore mindfulness, "momentology,"
The podcast episode 65 featuring Michael Alcee on Finding Authenticity and Alignment

Ep 65 – Finding Alignment and Authenticity as an Introvert with Dr. Michael Alcee

As an introvert, do you feel like you're always pretending to be someone else? Do you feel like