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A reserved man in a suit showcasing his speaking skills into a microphone.

Introverts – Don’t ask IF, but ask HOW!

This past week, I gave a two-hour workshop to a large group. I think it went very well
Introverts excel in leadership by leveraging their unique strengths to inspire and support others.

Introverts & Leadership

Can introverts make great leaders?  Of course! For me, this is not even a question.  I believe the
A manifesto advocating for introverts to embrace their quiet nature.

The Quiet Manifesto

Several years ago, when I began my quest to understand my own introversion, I didn’t find a lot
A group of business people fondly wrapping up an early meeting.

Love When Meetings End Early

I attend many meetings at work everyday.  Sometimes they are back to back for the entire day.  It
A introverted businessman with business icons on his head.

Introverted Leadership?

I came across a great article by Rahul Sinha titled “Why introverts can be great leaders?” My initial
Be Vulnerable to Make Yourself Strong.

Be Vulnerable to Be Strong

Often it is difficult to share our weaknesses with others as it can make us feel very vulnerable. 
Chess pieces on a (chess board)

Checkers or Chess?

I recently came across an article by Marcus Buckingham on the Harvard Business Review. I loved his analogy
A group of people quietly revolutionizing in a meeting room with a whiteboard.

The Quiet Revolution Is Happening…

I participated in Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution webinar at work today.  I was actually very encouraged that the
Introverted Leadership: Interruptions or Opportunities?

Introverted Leadership – Interruptions or Opportunities?

Photo courtesy of Fotochromo I was listening to the radio on the way home from work the other
A businessman presenting ideas in a gallery setting.

Introverted Leadership

So what style of leadership is the best?  My answer to this is the one that best uses