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The power of solitude navigating the world as an introvert.

Ep 147: The Power of Solitude: Navigating the World as an Introvert with Tom Albrighton

In a world that often celebrates extroverted communication styles, have you ever wondered about the power of solitude
A woman used to be an introvert, now stands in a wheat field.

Used To Be An Introvert?

Have you ever heard someone say that they used to be an introvert, but now they are an
A man gazes at the sunset over a serene body of water.

You Don’t Seem Like an Introvert

I recently attended a retirement celebration for a psychologist friend of mine. She spoke of how she used
A peacock displaying its majestic feathers.

I Will Never Be A Peacock. And That’s OK.

If you follow my blog, you know I’m an introvert and I love to study personality, particularly as

Overcoming Shyness as an Introvert

  I have written much about the fact that introversion and shyness are not the same.  After all,
Four introverted business people analyzing data on a tablet during a meeting.

Introverts DO Like People

I was reading a great book on success this week.  It was full of stories of people who
A waterfall encouraging individuals to embrace their introversion and reject the notion of weakness.

Embrace Your Introversion

I was doing some research this week on improving this website.  I want it to be easy to
A crowd of introverted people watching a movie in an auditorium.

Introverted, But Not Shy

Introverted does not mean shy.  You can be a shy introvert or a shy extrovert. Being “shy” is
A campfire is lit up at night, creating a cozy and crackling ambiance.

Keep It Down Over There…

I have gotten so much better at small talk and keeping conversations going over the last couple of
A group of business people calmly sitting around a conference table.

Slow It Down a Little

  It’s often said that introverts prefer a small circle of close friends.  I find this to be