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Kissed Blarney Stone, got gift of gab.

I kissed the Blarney Stone, but…

    Many years ago I had the chance to visit Blarney Castle in beautiful Ireland. Blarney Castle
An introverted man and woman sitting awkwardly on a bench next to a pond.

Introverts and Awkwardness

I attended a neighborhood barbecue this week as  I wanted to get to know some of the neighbors
The key to giving great customer service for both introverts and extroverts is understanding your customer.

Giving Great Customer Service for Introverts and Extroverts

I have a favorite convenience store that I think provides excellent service. It’s nice and clean with a
A serene forest with towering trees and a majestic mountain backdrop, perfect for relaxation and small talk amidst nature's embrace.

Relax… It’s Just Small Talk

I spent the past week celebrating the holiday with extended family in the mountains.  With some family members,
A man in a suit and tie is raising his arms in the air to express frustration over cancelled appointments.

Cancelled Appointments

I had a meeting cancelled this morning, and it was the best thing ever! I was able to
A group of people sitting at a table, #hatesmalltalk.


Once again I found myself at a conference with all of its expectations of small talk and networking. 
A campfire is lit up at night, creating a cozy and crackling ambiance.

Keep It Down Over There…

I have gotten so much better at small talk and keeping conversations going over the last couple of
A couple asserting themselves while descending stairs.

Hold Your Ground in Conversations

Often in conversations or meetings, as introverts we need time to think.  Sometimes our silence while thinking is
A group of business people calmly sitting around a conference table.

Slow It Down a Little

  It’s often said that introverts prefer a small circle of close friends.  I find this to be
A gallery of business people posing for a photo.

Small Talk

I have come to the conclusion that small talk may have not been interesting to me for its