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A woman creating on a couch with a laptop.

Creating Time to Think and Focus

There have been too many times in my life where I had way too much to do. And
A man gazes at the sunset over a serene body of water.

You Don’t Seem Like an Introvert

I recently attended a retirement celebration for a psychologist friend of mine. She spoke of how she used
Time management for introverts is critical.

Time Management for Introverts

I found myself once again doing some work on my day off.  I got quite a bit done with some
Introvert, coupon.

A Coupon for Your Favorite Introvert

Last Christmas, my daughter made a coupon book for her mom. It was the sweetest thing! There were
Planning to Recharge

Planning Your Recharge

I am not an introvert because I need to recharge.  I need to recharge BECAUSE I’m an introvert.
A serene stack of rocks at the tranquil oceanfront.

Balance of Quiet

I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it
solitude is not selfish

Solitude Is Not Selfish

I have discovered that as an introvert, I need some alone time.  It can be hard to find
Need time to recharge?

Need to Recharge?

I have heard and read over the years that an introvert is someone that needs to recharge by