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open office space and introverts

The Open Office Space

I have previously written about the challenges introverts experience in Open Office Space… Collaborative or Disruptive? and Introverted Leaders and
Green door, sign.

Do Not Disturb

I have been trying for some time to get my workload under control.  I have tweaked my system
A serene stack of rocks at the tranquil oceanfront.

Balance of Quiet

I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it
A woman chooses not to be overwhelmed while holding and talking on her phone.

Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed

Recently a friend has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end,
A man with sticky notes on his face showcasing The Myth of Multitasking.

The Myth of Multitasking

Image courtesy of Piotr Bizior, Bizior Photography I know people that are very proud of their ability to
What doesn't kill me will make me stronger in the struggle for growth and progression.

Growth and Progression are in the Struggle

I have learned this lesson over and over and could share many examples. Here’s just one example of