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Tag: worry

A cloudy sky highlighting a little patch of blue pierced by rays of light.

A Little Patch of Blue

I was feeling overwhelmed on a particularly dark and cloudy day.  Even though it was late in the
A woman chooses not to be overwhelmed while holding and talking on her phone.

Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed

Recently a friend has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end,
Preparing for an unfamiliar task, a crane sits atop a building.

Preparing For The Unfamiliar

I was driving my wife downtown to help her set up a booth at an event she was
An introvert worries while putting a tire on a car at night.

Introverts Worry

I believe that introverts worry more than extroverts. Worry exists in the mind, and as introverts, we spend
A serene palm tree on a beach at sunset, inviting you to get busy and stop worrying.

Get Busy and Stop Worrying

Most of my life I have worried far too much. In a previous post, Minimizing or Eliminating Worry,