Photo courtesy of Jan Willem Geertsma
Photo courtesy of Jan Willem Geertsma

This has been an extremely busy week and then the weekend came with various family activities and obligations – my parents came to visit, I had a campout with my son, I had a presentation to prepare for, and then spent time with family on Mother’s Day.  Overall,  I really have not had any good time for reflection to prepare a proper post for this week.  I have struggled as I pondered what I would like to share today.  Of course, for this blog, my midnight deadline is self-imposed… but I intend to meet it. 

So, I wanted to share a few thoughts about making time to plan. I have learned that deadlines are important to me as there is a time to think and a time to get things done. Not all introverts work well under deadlines, but I actually do better when I have a timeline that must be met. However, I have to schedule that critical time to think – ahead of time – in order to do my best work when it’s actually time to do the work.

If you have a deadline coming up and need help with the “thinking” part of your project, here are a few ideas from previous posts that might be helpful:

1) Understand that you need to allow yourself time to think about the project – this is especially important for introverts.

2) Set an appointment with yourself to ensure adequate thinking time – setting an appointment with yourself, like you would with anyone else, will ensure that can carve time out of your busy day to spend on the project.

3) Preparation is Key – Those brilliant ideas will come, but they require research, preparation and time.

4) Capture your ideas – If you have thoughts or ideas that come to you about a certain project while you’re working on something else, capture them so you can clear your mind to focus on the task at hand (and have that great idea handy when you need it!)

Knowing that I need time to think about a given project is half the battle.  I do best with preparation, and after I prepare, I need to allow time for those ideas to roll around in my head.  I failed to plan this past week, so as I look ahead to next week, I will make sure to carve out that needed time to prepare and think. As you’re working on your next project or deadline, don’t forget to plan your reflection time!


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