Right before the holidays, I am always reminded of how finite our time is. I’ve been working from home the past several months, but I’ve been as busy with work as ever. There is always too much to do. I am looking forward to a break from work, but I’m also determining what still has to happen in 2020 versus what will have to wait until 2021 after the holidays.  I have long realized that it is so important to prioritize what you really want in order to complete meaningful goals.  Have you ever tried to do everything and ended up accomplishing nothing? It seems that anytime you’re planning for a holiday or vacation, you really focus on your priorities to get everything done in order to leave. I would like to have this type of focus all year round, but sometimes it seems hard to do without a planned departure.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and 2021 still holds uncertainty. I’m now pondering about what I want to accomplish this coming year. Some changes have been nice this year, such as telecommuting, more time with family, a better blending of work and home. Some other things have been challenging, such as having all of the family at home all the time, and often not having the peace and quiet I need.  It was also challenging to have kids in a new virtual environment for school and being separated from friends. And we were the lucky ones.  So many have suffered sickness and loss of loved ones or the loss of their livelihood. For many, goals planned for 2020 were abandoned, replaced by survival being the only goal.

Time to plan

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? What are your goals around family and relationships, your work, health, finances, your faith, and having some fun? In order to accomplish anything, you need to have a plan.  Plans won’t always go exactly as you hope, but having a plan will help keep your goals in sight. Also, keep your strengths and needs in mind as your plan for 2021.  In order to be efficient, effective, and energetic introverts need to make time to recharge, plan and prepare. Set aside quiet time to think and process. 

What are your most significant goals for the new year, and what will you need to do to accomplish them? Take some time to reflect.  What are your most important priorities?  What does your ideal day look like? Week? Month?  At this time next year, what will you want to be proud of that you accomplished in 2021?  What are the necessary steps?  An example of a goal I have is to finish my next book on introverts and communication.  What is this going to take?  I know by experience that it is not going to happen without a plan and daily effort.  How will I do this?  As I am making a plan it is helpful to listen to what other authors have done to finish their books.  I will differ with my unique strengths and gifts, but definitely benefit from hearing of their success.

Can you find a quiet place to give your most important priorities some serious thought? Some time in solitude to dream and plan? I know this can be a challenge. I tend to get up earlier than the rest of the house, but maybe for you, it is staying up later. Or maybe you need to make some deals to have some uninterrupted time. As an introvert, you have a great gift for reflection, but you have to give yourself some time and have a quiet space for deep thought. Grab a notebook or your favorite device. Perhaps a notebook will be better as a device may provide many distractions, but your call. So map out your typical day, week, and month, what you what to accomplish for the year?  As part of your plan, build in a weekly time to find a quiet space to review your progress. For me, Sunday mornings are a good time for reflection. How are you doing?  Do you need to make some adjustments?

I am hopeful that things in the world will get better.  I also know that I have been the most effective and found the greatest happiness by discovering and being true to my strengths and needs.  Wishing you the best for 2021!  Be strong!

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