I have been thinking about my post yesterday  regarding a discussion that took place following a Quiet Revolution webinar, and I wanted to add a little more insight.  As I mentioned yesterday, I witnessed well-meaning extroverts try to fix an introvert’s problem. This happens all too often.
“So you are not good at public speaking? You just need to practice!”
“Speak up, you’re too quiet.”
“Don’t be shy. Go make some new friends.”
“Stop worrying, and just do it!”
And while some of these suggestions, such as practicing, could be somewhat helpful, we need to consider what is else is going on in the head of the introvert that is causing anxiety or impairing performance. When we understand how an introvert thinks and functions, what can be changed vs. what is hard wired, and the thoughts and patterns that are interfering with his or her success, we can address the root of the problem instead of exacerbating it.
Giving advice without understanding the causes seems like trying to use a hammer to screw in a screw.

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