As this year winds down, I find myself thinking what still has to be done before this year ends and what can wait until the new year. I have so many things to accomplish both at work and at home. I have discovered that no matter how hard I work or how organized I am, it is impossible to get everything done.  I used to think “if only I was more organized…” After years of tweaking my system and strategies of organization I am very efficient but I still have more to do than I can get done.  I am fairly good at math and know there is only so much time in the day and I do need a certain amount of sleep. 

Rory Vaden, in Procrastinate on Purpose, states:

“Success in business, at home and in life doesn’t come from applying our resources proportionately throughout different areas.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Success usually is the result of focusing our talents, money, time, or energy in one priority direction for a shorter period of time to create a desired result, which in Take the Stairs (another book by Vaden) I called a “season”.  In one word a season is best defined as imbalance.”

I am realizing in trying to do it all, I feel out of control and that I’m not accomplishing some things that are very important to me.  As I am closing out this year and looking forward to the next, I am making a list of my priorities.  I also like how Vaden categorizes the various areas of life: faith, family, fitness, fun, faculty (work), and finances.  What are my most important priorities in each of these areas?  What goals will I accomplish and what will I leave undone?

I have done this for work already.  I made a list of my top 3 projects that I will accomplish this coming year.  It can be a challenge to get things done at work with constant interruptions and unexpected things to do each day.  A colleague said the other day that “there is no accounting for drama.”  I will choose to focus on these most important things each day knowing that some less important things may remain undone.

The same goes for my next book.  I have been working on it, but not nearly enough.  This is a big goal of mine for next year, and in order to achieve it, I will need far more time, focus and “imbalance.” 

What are your most significant goals for the new year, and what will you need to do to accomplish them?

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