I attend many meetings each week.  As an introvert, sometimes it’s difficult to voice your ideas in a room full of people talking. Yet if you’re a deep thinker, you likely have a lot of thoughts on the topic of discussion. I have learned a couple things over the years that have helped me be more effective during meetings.


Before the Meeting

I do like to give things some thought, so I make sure that I have the agenda ahead of time (and that there is one). If I’m in charge of the meeting, I try to send out the agenda in advance. If I’m an attendee, I contact the person in charge to get a copy of the agenda prior to the meeting, so I have time to go over it.


Also, the more people in the meeting, the harder it may be to get all the points covered that you want to.  I make sure to write down points or questions that I feel need to be covered and bring this with me to the meeting.


During the Meeting

While the discussions are taking place, the conversations often spark ideas – sometimes related to the meeting topic and sometimes not. As these  ideas come to me during the meeting I make sure to make note of them. This way, I have a list I can bring up either at an appropriate time during the meeting or cover at a later time.


After the Meeting

When I am back in my office, I take a few minutes to go through my notes from the meeting and am sure to capture those ideas, tasks, etc.

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