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I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it was nice and quiet.  I have had a project to put together that was very important, but in my day-to-day work, there always seemed to be more pressing matters.  I have been in on many Saturdays (against my wife’s will), but this one was a little different.  Normally, when I go in on a Saturday, I am getting organized after a chaotic week or finishing up odd projects.  This time I spent the entire day on this ONE project.  I was extremely focused on the high level of detail that was required.  I knew it was going to take several uninterrupted hours to complete.  So, if it took a full day of concentration which I normally don’t have, how in the world was I going to finish during the busy work week in-between everything else going on during a regular day?

I know that positions and workplaces are going to vary and some people will work in an office that recognizes the need for quiet concentration.  I have learned to recognize my own need for quiet to accomplish certain tasks, so I do close my door from time to time, but I can’t just do this for a whole day like I did on Saturday.

What about the people with no door?  And no option or desire to go to work on a day off?  Don’t get me wrong… aside from giving up my Saturday, I loved the full day of peace and quiet, but I would be bored with this level of solitude all of the time.

With balance, we can get some great things accomplished.  The social aspect is important for creating a “team” atmosphere and building relationships among co-workers. We introverts really do like people and social interaction.  But, the quiet solitude is important for our concentration, analysis and deep thought.   Our workplaces need to recognize the strengths of each individual employee and provide balance between social and quiet time.  What is your workplace like?  As an introvert, what strategies are you using to achieve this balance?  Find a balance that makes you strong!

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