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Are you an introvert looking for ways to maximize your productivity?

Discover the power of introverted productivity!   In this episode, David explores the unique challenges and strengths of introverted professionals in the workplace. Join David as he discusses how introverts can harness their introspection, focus, and quiet nature to become productive and effective leaders. Learn how to use your unique abilities, like listening and deep thinking, to boost creativity and problem-solving. We’ll explore practical strategies that can help you become more productive without draining yourself. Take the first step on your journey toward becoming a master of introverted productivity. Listen to this episode now!

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Podcast Transcript

00;00;09;14 – 00;00;29;04
David Hall
Hello and welcome to Episode one or six of the Quiet and Strong Podcast, especially for introverts. I’m your host, David Hall, and the creator of Quiet is Drunken. This is a weekly podcast dedicated to understanding the strengths and needs of introverts. Introversion is not simply a fix, but to be embraced normally will air each episode on a monday.

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David Hall
Be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform leaver review. That would mean a lot to me. Tell a friend about the podcast. Help get the word out there that introversion is a beautiful thing. So recently I was on a panel on LinkedIn. Put on by introvert, you. It was called introverts. Unlock your productivity potential. I had a great time and it was along the lines of what this podcast is all about.

00;00;55;10 – 00;01;21;13
David Hall
Approach life with your introverted strengths and needs in mind. Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Be you. And find great success in being you. You have much to offer. So 50% of introvert you as the moderator and with me on the panel was Dr. Mariella Franker and Ed Frauheim. Such great insights from fellow introverts.

00;01;22;02 – 00;01;46;06
David Hall
I’ll add a link to the replay in the show notes again. Approach areas of your life such as productivity. Considering your introversion an extrovert in your life may have completely different needs when it comes to productivity and other areas. They aren’t going to need the same time alone for recharge and other things, for example. They aren’t going to prepare for things in the same way that you are.

00;01;46;21 – 00;02;07;19
David Hall
They may need to collaborate more often to bounce ideas off of somebody else. It was awesome to have a great conversation with my fellow introverts, and it’s important to point out that as we shared insights, we learn from each other. But keep in mind, no introvert or extrovert is exactly alike. We are all on a journey and we’re never done learning.

00;02;08;12 – 00;02;29;10
David Hall
We can continue to tweak our systems and hone our craft, but learn from people that are similar to us and also appreciate people that are different. And I shared that while I was figuring out I was an introvert. I was extremely busy with a full time job running a business with my wife, have three kids, and I was blogging about introversion.

00;02;30;20 – 00;02;58;05
David Hall
So at the same time, I was learning that I was an introvert. I’m studying time management and productivity, and I’m seeing that there are needs of introverts. But they weren’t being called out in the books that I was reading. So my first book was Minding Your Time, Time Management, Productivity and Success, especially for introverts. So on the panel, we talked about these things, our strengths as introverts, the needs we have in order to be productive.

00;02;58;21 – 00;03;23;23
David Hall
You know, as introverts, we need to take time to think, to prepare. We can get overstimulated and need time to recharge and balance our energy. We also mentioned that as people, we all need connection. Although introverts typically prefer deeper connections and we need to find harmony between the solitude and the company that we need. So Ed introduced the term which I hadn’t heard before.

00;03;23;23 – 00;03;47;20
David Hall
Louder ship. So leadership in contrast to leadership. Meaning that that myth that the great leaders have to be the loudest. So whether we’re talking about leadership or productivity, we need to do things in our best way. Introverts can be great leaders, but is not likely by being the loudest in the room. We have to remember with all of this, there is not a one size fits all approach.

00;03;48;05 – 00;04;11;06
David Hall
We can learn from one another, but ultimately you figure out what works best for you. And again, leadership comes these false expectations that you need to be a certain way. Drop those expectations and again, figure out what works for you. Mary Ellen also brought up that we have different communication styles. As introverts, we think first and then we speak.

00;04;11;20 – 00;04;35;15
David Hall
While extroverts often speak while thinking, this is one of the big keys in understanding our differences. And then we had a lot of conversation around the need to be able to articulate your strengths and needs to those in your life. For example, here’s what I need to be my best for you and for me. Set boundaries, for example, set time on your calendar as that quiet and alone time that you need.

00;04;36;28 – 00;04;59;10
David Hall
She mentioned that she had a day set aside as a No People Day. Of course, everyone can set up their days quite like this. But find what you can do, what works for you. So along these lines, I mentioned that one of the things that’s been most effective for me is blocking off the first 90 minutes of my day for reflection, planning, thinking and getting some work done.

00;04;59;24 – 00;05;21;21
David Hall
Plenty of people in my day, but having some time set aside, it’s really been impactful for me. And with panels like this, we are working to educate both introverts and extroverts on our differences and how we can all be our best way is right or wrong, good or bad, just different and naturally different. Look for other ways to educate others.

00;05;22;00 – 00;05;44;08
David Hall
Maybe it’s a workshop or brown bag in a work setting. Maybe it’s a webinar panel just like this one. Again, I’ll put the link to the replay in the show notes. As introverts, we can really shine in our strengths. We can have obstacles when we don’t understand and advocate for our needs and set some boundaries. We need to find balance of quiet time and socializing that works for us.

00;05;45;06 – 00;06;24;10
David Hall
Panels and podcasts like this can remind us that we’re not alone and we can find some common ground as we continue to build self-awareness. As you come to know your strengths and needs, you can apply this to productivity, relationships, communication, leadership in your overall success and happiness in conversations around the panel, maybe even comments in the panel. I’m still hearing from many people who are desperate to label themselves as an introvert, extrovert, or even ambivert, or say things like, I’m a extroverted introvert or introvert extrovert, or I’m somewhere in the middle, such as an ambivert.

00;06;25;19 – 00;06;45;01
David Hall
And you may have heard me say this, but if the label is all you know, you will likely not be able to have such a rich discussion like we did on the panel, describing those strengths that you have or the things that you need. If you call yourself an amber first, can you identify how much time you need to be alone or how you can best prepare for things?

00;06;45;01 – 00;07;08;12
David Hall
For example? Or there is a myth that if we like spending time with others, how can we possibly be an introvert? I think we busted that one on the panel. Most introverts like and need to spend time with other people. They may have a tighter circle of friends and may need people in different doses. But we are humans, and as humans we all need connection.

00;07;09;17 – 00;07;31;02
David Hall
One time I was talking with the extrovert introvert couple. The extrovert said my introvert husband doesn’t like going dancing with me. And his response was that he did like going dancing with his extroverted wife. But around midnight he was ready to call it a night. Whereas for her at 3 a.m., she was just getting started. And remember our personalities.

00;07;31;02 – 00;07;53;29
David Hall
It’s not a popularity contest such as introvert is bad. Extroverts good. It’s just all different and it’s all good. So the question is, what do you want and how do you get what you want? Keep in mind that as we’re looking for success and happiness, as an introvert, we may have a skills gap or we may have something that causes energy drain, or there may be some things that you just don’t have a desire for.

00;07;54;06 – 00;08;16;29
David Hall
So when it comes to a skills gap, you may need to develop skills in certain areas. I don’t love small talk, but I found it needed to develop relationships. I’m not the best small talker, but I have gotten so much better. I am far better than I was before. You can learn things such as how to prepare for conversations or how to relax and not be anxious around small talk.

00;08;17;13 – 00;08;40;12
David Hall
Or you can get drained and overstimulated from certain people and situations. This energy dream can come from both activities you enjoy and activities you do not. I am going to be drained by the traditional networking event, bouncing from person to person and likely not enjoy it. I may give a speech, however, which I do enjoy, but I’ll need a break after.

00;08;40;24 – 00;09;04;16
David Hall
Don’t let the energy drain stop you from doing things you want to do, but plan for the energy drain and plan that recharging time. Also, you may need to do some things that you don’t love and plan for that energy drink to. And sometimes there are things that introverts have no desire to do. Again, we’re all different. It it’s fine if you don’t like loud parties and you avoid them.

00;09;05;22 – 00;09;30;24
David Hall
You, of course, may need to do some things with others in your life, as they will need to do some things with you that you may enjoy more than they do. And please stop calling activities extroverted. As an introvert, you can do many things. Being social, for example, does it make you an extrovert? Your approach and your desire will be different when you’re being social, but you can still be an introvert who enjoys being with others.

00;09;31;19 – 00;09;57;27
David Hall
Networking, public speaking and leadership can be done by introvert or extrovert. So if you’re an introvert being social, you’re an introvert. Being social approach is just different. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Be you and be your best. I look forward to many more such panels, workshops, conversations and webinars where we discuss our personal differences and how we can live in our personality strengths.

00;09;58;17 – 00;10;16;28
David Hall
Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you take the time to explore other episodes and learn from some amazing guests. Remember, if you’re interested in getting to know yourself better, there’s now a free type. Find a personality assessment on the quiet and strong website. This free assessment will give you a brief report, including the four letter Myers-Briggs code.

00;10;17;10 – 00;10;38;06
David Hall
I’ll add a link in the show notes and I’d love to connect with you. Reach out to David. A quiet and strong gqom or check out the quiet and strong com website, which includes blog posts and links to social media. For quiet and strong semi topics or guest you’d like to see on the show. There’s so many great things about being an introvert and we need those to be understood.

00;10;38;18 – 00;10;54;20
David Hall
Get to know your introverted strengths and needs and be strong.

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