I used to be shy when I was younger. Now, I’m happily introverted. Early on in my journey, I read several books on shyness to try to “fix” whatever it was that I thought was wrong with me. Unfortunately, the books I read on shyness really did not help me at all.

Looking back now, I realize that these types of books — at least for me — did not get at the root of who I was, or why I was the way I was.  These books were not talking about my introverted traits, such as spending a lot of time thinking and needing to think before speaking, or how to work with these traits instead of against them.

I realized many years later that I could overcome shyness, but introversion was with me to stay.  A great part of my success in life has been my ability to analyze things and look at the big picture to see how all the details fall in place.  This ability comes from my introversion.  As I have become more aware of my unique strengths and abilities, I have become more confident in social situations.

A book on shyness may helpful to you, but in my opinion, if introversion is the root of your shyness, it’s more important to understand the components that are inherent in your personality that cannot be changed, as well as strategies to use your strengths for success.  As your self-confidence grows, your shyness will fade away, and you can embrace your introversion.

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